Currently, B.K. ARCHITECTS employs over 65 specialists located in our offices in Belgium, Mauritius, Qatar, Kenya and Equatorial Guinea, consisting of:

  • 8 Architects
  • 45 Civil Engineers
  • 15 Senior Technicians.

Benoit Kanyandekwe

Founder and CEO of B.K. ARCHITECTS

Benoît Kanyandekwe is an architect and Belgian resident. He studied architecture at the Institute of Architecture in Kinshasa (D.R.C.) and real estate management in Brussels (Belgium).

Based on his experiences and the network of partners and potential customers he built-up, he started his own consulting firm in architecture and engineering. The firm’s mission is to deliver complex projects in emerging countries, while Africa and the Middle-East have been the geographic priority from the start.

At the basis of B.K. ARCHITECTS’ success is a deep understanding of the local cultures, mentalities and capabilities, the ability to bridge those with the global operating standards that define the industry today, as well as the aptitude to manage and develop local human resources.